Add-On Specialty Camps: Golf Camp

March 15, 2017

Summer camp is full of discoveries and fun activities that your child will look forward to for summers to come. From new friendships to team building activities, there is plenty of fun to be had.

With the add-on specialty camps, if your child is interested in golf they also have the opportunity to learn new skills or improve upon their current skills at our golf camp!

Golf is a sport that requires a unique variety of skills in order to participate. With hard work and the correct instruction, golf can also be a unique avenue of learning for your child. Check out these key benefits to your child learning how to golf:


Anyone Can Play

Young, old, men or women, people from all walks of life come together on the golf course. The diversity that can be discovered on a golf course opens young golfers to a broader view of the world and all people.


Etiquette and Values

Since its inception, golf has a rich tradition of etiquette, which still lives on today. Through learning golf, children can also learn how to behave towards themselves and others, and conveys values such as truthfulness while keeping score and strength during adversity when a round isn’t going as they’d hoped.


Spending Time Outdoors

While golf may not be considered a high intensity sport, it ingrains and establishes healthy exercise habits. Walking and being active outdoors allows for breathing in fresh air and offering a new approach for fun beyond indoor video games and television.


Controlling Emotions

Inevitably there are achievements and disappointments your child will face while playing golf, just like in life. Learning from mistakes and overcoming obstacles not only helps with their game, but also teaches them to carry out the same optimistic view in day-to-day life.


Golf camp is a unique experience for your child to not only learn the game of golf, but to discover skills that are essential to leading a healthy and responsible lifestyle, which is why we at the Y are proud to host this as one of our specialty camps. Discover below more details on golf camp, and other add-on specialty camps offered this summer.

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