Workout of the Month with Georgie

August 11, 2017



Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an awesome tool for affordable and functional fitness on-the-go! Bands aren’t just for beginners, and they can equip you to have a successful workout nearly anywhere. From the hotel room to the gym, grab a resistance band and prepare to strengthen and tone your muscles for a total body workout.

How do resistance bands work?

Resistance bands are named after their function because they put constant tension, or resistance, on the muscles. As a result, your muscles remain under tension during both the concentric phase AND the eccentric phase of a movement (the lifting and lowering portions). Strength training with dumbbells puts the focus mainly on the concentric phase only, but resistance bands work your muscles on the way down, too!

Which type of band is right for you?

Different bands work best for various exercises and come in many levels of resistance, so determine which muscles you’d like to focus on and then choose the best option. For example, looped bands are perfect for leg and glute movements, while single bands with handles are ideal for an upper body emphasis. Thicker bands provide heavier resistance and thin bands are used for exercises that require lighter tension. Colors often indicate different levels, so having multiple colors will ensure you have the right band for your workout!

Your resistance band workout:

Resistance training can provide you with a total-body workout, add variety to your routine, and help you build lean muscle. Workouts can be as quick or as lengthy as you’d like; check out the workout below and do it all or just a few exercises. Click on the exercise names for a visual. Enjoy!

Sample workout:

Complete each exercise for 10-12 repetitions and repeat the set 3 times.



Side shuffle


Glute kickbacks


Glute bridge


Standing chest fly


Single-arm chest press


Single-arm lat pull-down


Seated row


Shoulder press


Lateral raise


Bicep curls


Triceps extension

Complete each exercise for 10-12 repetitions and repeat the set 3 times.