Y Stories: Employee Highlight

Dana Beauleaux

August 11, 2017




At the YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg, it's important to us to highlight our employees when they do exemplary work and truly embody our mission, vision and values. Character is what counts at the Y, where our values—caring, honesty, respect and responsibility—shape our culture. Here is a great story of caring and responsibility about one of our employees: 

Dana Beauleaux is a 17-year-old YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg employee. A year ago she was hired to work in the Bardmoor Y KidZone. She is a high school graduate and attends SPC. Dana is taking core classes with the hopes to become a nurse. 

While visiting her mother in Boynton Beach, Dana was swimming in her mom's apartment complex swimming pool. A three-year-old child was drowning. The child was pulled out of the swimming pool and a man began giving compressions to the child.

Dana assessed the situation, recognized the man was not following proper protocol and walked up to the scene and knew what she had to do. She told the man to go find an AED, and told another adult to go call 911. Here is her description of what she did next:

 "I knew I had to do ABC. I noticed his lips were blue. I checked for a pulse and he had a light one. I couldn't feel any breath so I scooped in his mouth. There was a little bit of 'yuck' but not a lot. I turned him on his side and really scooped and he had a whole bunch of vomit. He started choking and crying and his mom was crying and so happy. I saved his life because of the skills that the Y taught me." 

Dana said that the EMS folks eventually arrived on the scene told her that she definitely saved that child's life

Dana said she felt completely calm and capable during the incident and it was 100% because of her work with the Y. She also said that, "besides saving that child's life, the whole incident made me really, really sure that I want to be a nurse. It makes me even more excited about doing well at SPC and becoming a nurse. I hope I can help more people and even save more lives."

“Focusing on the solution, not the problem,” is a mantra Dana lives by, and it certainly serves her well. We are incredibly proud to have people like Dana working with us at the Y!

Dana is finishing her associates degree at St. Petersburg College, and will then continue on to gain her RN in nursing. Dana hopes of continuing on to earn her BSN at Florida Atlantic University, and eventually aspires to receive her Masters in Nurse Practitioner in labor & delivery.

You can find Dana at the Bardmoor YMCA Kid Zone, or taking Zumba and Les Mills group exercise classes!