Nutrition Consultations

Meet our Dietitian

Registered Dietitian: Jacquelyn Supplee MPH, RDN, LD/N, ATC-L

Jacquelyn earned her bachelor's degree from The University of Tampa in athletic training and became a certified athletic trainer in 2010. Along with being an athletic trainer, Jacquelyn is also an ACE certified personal trainer.

Jacquelyn has worked with the Bardmoor Y since 2005 first as a lifeguard in high school, then as a wellness coach, group exercise instructor and personal trainer during her undergraduate studies.

She then went on to earn her master's degree in public health and nutrition at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill to become a registered dietitian. While at UNC, Jacquelyn gained experience in working with athletes and students with eating disorders while completing her internship with UNC Sports Nutrition. Jacquelyn also completed internships at a rural community clinic and acute care hospital while in North Carolina.

Jacquelyn enjoys teaching nutrition principles and providing her clients with the tools they need to improve their relationship with food and exercise. Jacquelyn has been working in the Tampa Bay area with eating disorders and substance abuse clients while also spending time working with the Bardmoor Y to include nutrition services in Family Fun events. Jacquelyn loves the Y for the wellness programs it provides for members and the community, and loves the family she has developed at the Y over the years.


Nutrition Consultations Available at Bardmoor Y

Interested in developing a healthier lifestyle, changing your body and your relationship with food, or just learning what to eat to meet your needs? Meet with our registered dietitian who will not just provide education, but will support you in taking those steps needed to reach your realistic goals. Whether you are looking for a one-time consultation or on-going support, a professional approach will help you with proactive solutions.

Individual Nutrition Consultations

$150 Introduction Package includes:

  • 1 One-Hour Introductory Session
  • 2 Half-Hour Follow-Up Sessions

$30 Half-Hour Follow-Up Session(s) are available following the purchase of the Introduction Package.

For more information, please fill out the nutrition packet below and bring it to Bardmoor YMCA. Or, contact Alex Stefanes at

Nutrition Packet (.PDF)