Promoting Early Literacy

The Y READS! program seeks to close the gap in between students' reading performance and the State of Florida’s reading-performance expectations. The program provides the resources necessary to help improve the reading levels of children in kindergarten to third grade while developing greater self-esteem and social skills. Trained volunteers provide reading instruction in groups of one or two children using the SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phoneme Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words) curriculum and KidzLit.

Students who participate in Y READS! are referred by the partner schools’ principals, reading coaches, guidance counselors and/or student’s teachers. Students are referred to our program based on their performance in reading in the classroom and assessment testing such as the iReady Florida Diagnostic.

Each student enrolled in Y READS! is expected to receive a minimum of two one-hour individualized sessions per week with a mentor. Each student’s reading level is continuously assessed to provide targeted instruction. Student progress is monitored quarterly through curriculum and school assessments, but the biggest measurement is by what their families have to say about the program.

All students enrolled in the Y READS! program are referred by teachers at their local school. Each student has been identified by a professional educator as “at-risk” and in need of additional reading skill development for successful grade level promotion. Each year, program assessments show improvements. The children’s reading levels are assessed at the beginning and throughout the program using the iReady Florida Diagnostic test.

Perkins Elementary School (For Perkins Elementary School students only)
2205 18th Ave. S
St. Petersburg, FL 33712 

Perkins Y READS! Coordinator:

Farina Sookdeo
727.895.9622, ext 2210 

Doug Jamerson Elementary School (For Doug Jamerson Elementary School students only)
1200 37th St. S.
St. Petersburg, Fl 33711

Doug Jamerson Y READS! Coordinator:

Shiloh Capone
727.895.9622, ext 2209

Childs Park YMCA

Harbordale YMCA

691 43rd Street South
St. Petersburg, FL 33711

2421 4th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL 33705


Harbordale & Childs Park Y READS! Coordinator:

Ted Barnett


By volunteering two hours each week, you can teach a child to read. As a Y READS! Mentor, you will work in a small group environment or one-on-one with Kindergarten to third grade students, developing positive self-esteem and helping students improve their academic performance. Be a child’s tutor and friend, and give them the keys to a brighter future. Volunteers must be at least 16, complete an online application, on-boarding, and pass background checks/fingerprinting. Full training provided. Join us. We could use someone like you!