Summer Camp FAQs


How do I register my child for Summer Camp?

This year, online registration is available for many of our summer camps and locations; Please follow the instructions next to the camp of your choice throughout the website, or call your camp location for assistance.

Are spaces in Summer Camp at the Y limited? Do you have a waiting list?

In order to best serve our campers, we have a set number of spaces available for Summer Camp. If the specific week of camp you are registering for is full, we will add you to the waiting list. You will be notified if a space becomes available.


Attendance, arrival and transportation

What time does my child need to be dropped off/picked up? What if I’m late?

Summer Camp hours are 7:00AM - 6:00PM.

Drop-off: Campers can be dropped off at the beginning of camp hours listed above. Please inquire at your Summer Camp location for required drop-off times for field trips and Specialty Camps.

Pick-up: Campers must be picked up before the end of camp hours listed above. If you are late picking up your child, you will be charged a late pickup fee of $25 for the first 10 minutes, plus $1 per minute for each additional minute.

Who can pick up my child?

For the safety of our campers, only those individuals that are listed on the Authorized for Pick Up form may pick up your child. They must have a valid photo ID, and be at least 16 years old.

What if my child needs to miss a day of Summer Camp?

Please notify the camp director ahead of time.


What to bring to Summer Camp

What do I send with my child to Summer Camp?

Please pack snacks, a water bottle, closed-toed shoes and sunscreen. On swimming days, please also pack a towel, swimsuit and change of clothes. Please see the section below on meals.

Will my child be swimming? Do they need to pack a swimsuit?

Campers will swim at least once a week during Day Camp and Teen Camp. Please contact your camp location for a schedule of swimming days. On swimming days, please pack a towel, swimsuit, change of clothes and sunscreen.

Can my child bring their cell phone, gaming device or other electronics?

No electronics are allowed at YMCA Summer Camp. If you would like your child to have their cell phone for emergency purposes, they must keep it in their backpack. The Y is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.

What should I do if my child has medicine that needs to be given daily?

All medications must be given to the Camp Director. Your child may not administer medications on their own. Medications must be in their prescribed bottles with the label reflecting the child’s name, instructions and dosage amount. Medications taken before, during or after camp hours must be listed on the emergency medical treatment form included in the Summer Camp registration packet.



Will breakfast, lunch or snacks be provided?

Campers must pack a lunch and two snacks. Meals must be non-refrigerated/non-reheated only. You must provide an ice pack if the lunch needs to stay cold.


Field Trips

Will there be any field trips?

There will be no offsite field trips other than swimming, to include swim lessons.

How will I know if my child is attending a field trip?

Parents/guardians will be given advance notice of any trips leaving the facility. Field trips are subject to change. Parent/guardians will receive at least 24 hour notice of any changes.

Can I pick up my child from the field trip location?

No. Parent/guardians are not permitted to pick children up from field trip locations.


Payment and Cost

Is there a discount if I pay in full for all of Summer Camp?

No. There is not a discount if you pay for all of Summer Camp in full.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes. The YMCA offers financial scholarship to those who qualify. Please inquire at the camp location when registering for Summer Camp.

Is there a sibling discount available?

No. The registration fee is $30 per child. Fees may vary by location. Inquire for details.

Will a week of Summer Camp cost less if my child misses a day, or for weeks with only four days?

No. Weeks of Summer Camp are not prorated.

Do you accept Child Care Government Discounts (ELC)?

Yes. Please inquire at the camp location when registering for Summer Camp.

Do you work with the state for children who are in foster care?

Yes. Please inquire at the camp location when registering for Summer Camp.

Do you accept a check from a third party, like the State of Florida for children who are in foster care?

Yes. Please inquire at the camp location when registering for Summer Camp.