Group Exercise

Our YMCA group exercise classes are designed to encourage camaraderie and help people of all ages and fitness levels achieve their wellness goals. Join one of our group exercise classes today and discover the power of a healthy lifestyle.

Group Exercise Schedule

Yoga and Pilates

Our yoga classes will help you develop flexibility, strength and balance. By emphasizing symmetry of body and mind, yoga will improve your body awareness, helping you achieve a sense of calm and clarity in the hustle and bustle of life.

Pilates is a conditioning program that improves muscle control, flexibility, coordination, strength, and tone. Appropriate for all individuals, regardless of physical condition or age.  

Les Mills 

Our YMCA is proud to offer LES MILLS™,  the top provider of pre-choreographed fitness programs. Its group fitness classes have changed the lives of millions of people across 80 countries. Our LES MILLS™ programs challenges participants to put aside whatever else is happening, and lose themselves for an hour in one of the world’s most popular group fitness classes. 

Les Mills Programs:


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Join the party! Zumba™ is a fusion of Latin and international music and dance that creates a dynamic, exciting, effective cardio workout. Our fun, easy routines feature interval aerobic training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body as you dance. This is the ultimate dance workout that is easy to follow and excellent for any fitness level! 

Ballet Barre

A new type of workout has come to the Y! The Ballet Barre workout is a combination of Ballet, Yoga and Pilates. This fun, effective workout features light weights, heavy repetition and deep stretching resulting in better muscle tone and posture along with improved flexibility. Using a ballet barre, health seekers perform small isometric movements set to upbeat music. Each session is accompanied with stretching to elongate muscles, helping to establish a longer and leaner look. 

Indoor Cycling

Our popular indoor cycling program is a group exercise class designed for adults of all ages and ability levels. Our enthusiastic instructors are great at motivating you through mountainous terrain, rolling hill and flat beach roads. Set to upbeat and motivational music, indoor cycling one of the best cardio workouts there is!


Hip-Hop Dance

These high-energy, aerobic-style classes focus on rhythm, syncopation and creativity for men and women. They include a warm-up as well as strength and flexibility, and stamina exercises. Students will dance to new and classic hip-hop hits while performing across-the-floor and short combinations. Members are free. Non-members pay $15 for one class or $55 for four sessions of their choice. Or, become a Y adult member for only $46/month.