Small Group Personal Training

Invigorate your workout in a small group, member-only personal training at one of our wellness centers. Work with a trainer to reach your personal goals and meet new people.



Bardmoor Y

Next Session: July 16th-September 8th

Benches & Barbells

Mondays, 6:30 PM with Trish

Wednesdays, 12:00 PM with Trish

Friday, 8:00 AM with Trish 


Class Size: 3 - 6
Cost: $110 for 8 One-Hour Sessions over 8 weeks

Move out of your comfort zone and push yourself to the next level! This class is for women who are looking to learn the ins and outs of the Wellness Floor while being introduced to weights and general strength and conditioning.


Boot Camp

Wednesday, 6:00 PM with Christina 

Saturday, 8:00 AM with David 

Class Size: 3 - 6
Cost: $110 for 8 One-Hour Sessions over 8 weeks

A no frills workout, boot camp uses a combination of weight training, cardiovascular, and plyometric exercises. It’s designed to burn fat, increase endurance, and will provide you with the energy you need!




Jim & Heather Gills Y

Current Session: March 23 - May 25, 2018

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Tuesdays, 8:30 AM with Jerome

Class Size: 4 - 10
Cost: $55 for 4 One-Hour Sessions over 4 weeks

High Intensity Interval Training is a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning that peaks your heart rate for a section of time coupled with recovery and then the cycle repeats! HITT small group training combines strength and cardio skills & drills. This class will change out workouts from week-to-week and your body will be pushed to the limit! A great workout for all levels.


W.O.W. (Women on Weights)

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30 PM with Krisha and Dan
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:00 AM and 10:30 AM with Dan

Class Size: 4 - 10
Cost: $118 for 8 One-Hour Sessions over 4 weeks

Women on Weights (W.O.W.) is a great way to get started with a weight training program! Learn proper safety and training techniques, as well as how to make the most of your program. Additional class times may be available upon request.