Introducing NEXT LEVEL Functional Fitness

May 1, 2018


Introducing NEXT LEVEL - your one-stop, ultimate fitness experience featuring some of the hottest workout trends and equipment. On the newly designed NEXT LEVEL group training deck, our purpose-driven pursuit of health comes to life in a unique, custom-designed functional training space. 

  • High-intensity group training sessions 
  • Different workouts each day 
  • Convenient 30 minute & 60 minute options 
  • Amazing fun & friendly community 
  • Private training in a small group setting 
  • Easy scheduling to reserve your spot

Our certified trainers deliver a results-driven, total body workout featuring the renowned MX4 training system. This specialized group workout features high-intensity interval training that stays fresh and fun with power rowing, TRX, strength training, Krankcycling and more. Discover the fun in functional fitness as you climb across our indoor fitness high bars, run drills and lift sandbags. NEXT LEVEL takes it at your pace while pushing you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

All fitness levels are welcome. Learn more at


NEXT LEVEL Unlimited Group Training Sessions:

Functional Training (60 min.)

A member favorite, this custom group workout features fun variety to invigorate your workout routine. Mix battle rope conditioning, TRX suspension, Tabata, rowing and weight lifting for an efficient, effective high-energy workout that will keep your heart rate in the appropriate burn zone for maximum results. 

G6-FIT (60 min.)

Take in some heart-pumping music and tackle some high-intensity intervals to experience the ultimate workout. Conquer our new HIITMILL-X, crank-up the Krankcycle and attack our tactical tire flip.  

MX4 30 (30 min.)

MX4 is a specialized group training program that focuses on four foundations of fitness: cardiovascular, power, endurance and strength training: the ideal overall body conditioning workout when you're short on time.

MX4-plus (+) (60 min.)

Need a little extra today? Upgrade your four pillars fitness training (cardiovascular, power, endurance and strength training) with an extra 30 minutes of hardcore training. Mix in a little boxing, cycling, sandbag conditioning, pull-ups and resistance training with bands and barbells. Take it at your own pace, while challenging yourself to reach a new personal best. 

P.R.O.S. (60 min.) 

Train like a professional athlete with Powerlifting, Resistance, Optimal Strength Training (P.R.O.S.). Learn correct Olympic lift mechanics to reduce injury, increase your muscle mass and gain power. Get stronger and set personal records on our new Mega Magnum series squat rack by working with our certified, professional personal trainers.